Chris Ruden; Creating a World Without Limits

person-iconby Edparcaut calender-icon07 Jul, 2021


Fear of judgment is a real thing that limits our potential. It causes us to portray ourselves as less genuine. 

Rather than being true to ourselves and showing our unique qualities, we hide parts of ourselves for fear of judgment. It isn’t until we can accept all of ourselves that we can truly live a life without limits.

We discussed the fear of judgment and more with Chris Ruden on the latest episode of the Inner Edison Podcast with Ed Parcaut

Chris Ruden knows all about the fear of judgment. Born with a disability that left two fingers on his left hand and a shorter left arm, he hid his disability under a glove for 17 years.

Featured in the Washington Post, Men’s Fitness, and on The Rock’s show Titan Games, he now uses his platform to help people create a world without limits. 

Learning to Overcome His Disability

Today, Chris is an entrepreneur, elite powerlifter, model, and motivational speaker, but he didn’t start that way. 

If you asked a younger version of Chris Ruden to define himself, he would have used one word: “broken.” So how did someone who used to define themselves as broken go on to become a role model for others? 

It started with one little girl. 

Chris states he was at an event where he was about to speak to over a thousand people. He was walking down this long hallway next to this little seven-year-old girl, and all of a sudden, she grabbed his gloved hand. 

He recalls freaking out inside his head. As they walked together, she began swinging their hands. The whole time, Chris was unsure. Finally, she looked up at him and smiled, and said, “It’s okay. You don’t have to hide around me.” 

He describes himself as falsely confident at the time. He was confident enough to talk about overcoming obstacles but not confident enough to show his disability. He remembers feeling floored by that experience. 

He states, “There were a thousand people there to see him speak, but I feel like she was the only one who really saw me.” 

It was at that moment that he realized that maybe he didn’t have to hide. Maybe he didn’t have to be that disabled, broken kid anymore.

So he promised himself that if he ever got a prosthetic arm, he would remove his glove. He explains that he partially did this because he knew how hard it is to get a prosthetic. Six months later, he honored his agreement. 

Making a Promise to Himself

True to his word, he removed his glove

He created a video showcasing him removing his glove for the first time on YouTube. During the video, he explained the reason behind the glove and why he always wears it. 

He states that it was one of the most challenging moments of his entire life. 

The next day, he woke up to millions of views. If that wasn’t enough, The Washington Post picked up the story, and his video was getting a ton of traction. The one thing he tried to hide suddenly was in the spotlight for everyone to see. 

He describes the experience as the best yet most uncomfortable situation he’s ever been put in.

Being the Person He Never Had Growing Up

Today, Chris looks at his disability and his struggles as an experience to help others. In his words, “I have the opportunity to be the person I never had growing up.” 

His passion is to help people learn to create a world without limits to unapologetically become their authentic selves. 

Looking For More Inspiration? 

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