In August 2018, Ed stumbled upon the radio industry when the creator of a discontinued radio program reached out to him, recognizing his enthusiasm for assisting individuals in achieving homeownership. Initially hesitant due to lack of experience, he accepted the opportunity and with guidance, began hosting his own show, sharing valuable information and resources to help listeners navigate the home buying process. He found it rewarding and it gave him a new perspective on how he can help people.

  • Soaring House Prices in California: Insights from Powertalk 1360’s Real Estate Jerky

    Monday April 29, 2024

    In this engaging episode of "Real Estate Jerky," hosts Ed Parcaut and Mike Kelly dive deep into the pressing issues surrounding California's housing market. They discuss the significant shortfall in housing construction relative to demand, with a particular focus on how this gap has led to overpriced markets in cities like San Jose, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Fresno. The hosts express their concerns over the economic policies impacting the real estate landscape and the challenges posed by high interest rates and market uncertainties that discourage builders.

    Throughout the episode, Ed and Mike pepper in humor, notably regarding the absurdity of commuting from Modesto to Fresno for more affordable living options. They also shed light on the real-world consequences of the housing crisis, including the strain on middle and low-income families and the hurdles posed by obtaining insurance for properties in high-risk areas.

    The discussion also veers into the political realm, urging listeners to participate in upcoming elections to initiate change, and highlights the emotional and financial impacts on renters facing eviction due to landlords selling properties. The hosts share their personal experiences and emphasize the daily challenges in navigating real estate transactions, from dealing with both inexperienced and seasoned agents to handling problematic paperwork and unclear loan terms.

    To wrap up, Ed and Mike detail their ongoing commitment to supporting veterans through their initiatives, planning future events to further this cause. They offer thanks to their audience, provide contact information, and remind listeners to tune into their show on Powertalk 1360 KFIV. This episode not only informs on the complexities of the housing market but also fosters a sense of community and call-to-action among the listeners.

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  • From Firewalk to Love Modesto: An Episode of Community Empowerment

    Monday April 22, 2024

    Welcome to another episode of "Real Estate Jerky." I'm your host, Ed Parcaut, joined by my co-host Mike Kelly. In this episode, we'll be looking back at the incredible success of Operation Firewalk, which made a significant impact on our veteran community and played a role in suicide prevention. We're ecstatic with the event's outcome, the replica Zippo lighter gift, and we're eager to delve into the solid plans we have for next year's event, including opting for a larger venue to accommodate more participants.

    Later in the show, we have a special guest, Jeff Pishney from Love Modesto, to discuss the remarkable growth of community improvement projects over the past 16 years and talk about the upcoming Love Modesto event on April 27th. From neighborhood cleanups to creating art in appreciation of health care workers, with more than 105 projects to choose from, volunteering has never been more rewarding.

    We'll also be diving into hot topics like real estate trends, housing market statistics, and the importance of community involvement from individual residents in creating sustainable city pride. Plus, hear about our efforts to help veterans and first responders, and some tips on how to improve credit scores for better loan rates.

    Stay tuned as we celebrate our local heroes, discuss the transformative power of volunteering, and explore the fascinating world of real estate – all right here on "Real Estate Jerky." Let's get into the meat of the matter!

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  • The Housing Hustle: Affordability, Inventory Shortage, and Economic Outlook

    Monday April 15, 2024

    Welcome to another insightful episode of the "Real Estate Jerky" podcast, where your hosts Ed Parcaut and Mike Kelly chew over the meaty topics of homeownership and the housing market with no bones about it. Today, we're sinking our teeth into a variety of discussions—from the political to the practical—starting with the hot take on term limits for politicians, zooming into AOC as a case in point.

    As we navigate the choppy waters of the current economy, Ed gives us the lowdown on inflation's bite on real estate and offers sage advice to schedule C filers about the benefits of forming LLCs or corporations. We then switch gears to the lighter side of finance, talking about the windfall one lucky soul got from winning a $1.3 billion lottery and the cashout realities pre-taxes.

    Real estate, the bread and butter of our show, naturally commands a chunk of our conversation. With a nod to veterans and first responders, we explore the Central Valley's inventory landscape, offering tips for buyers and sellers alike while laughingly braving the great outdoors and its bugs.

    We peer into the unique challenges of ski resort properties, the pressure of the housing index, and the legal maze of closing costs. Plus, a tangent on mosquitoes in Colorado, giving you more than just real estate bites.

    Our hearts are also set on community issues: bridging the generational wealth gap, engaging with the local Love Modesto event, and discussing policy changes that could alter the VA loan landscape.

    Join us as we take you through the ups and downs of the real estate market in Stanislaus County, emphasizing opportunities amidst high interest rates, and delve into the implications of the shifting political climate on your home and wallet.

    So, whether you're a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or just curious about the state of real estate and everything it entails, tune in to this episode of "Real Estate Jerky" for your weekly dose of down-to-earth, robust discussions. Don't miss a beat of the action—grab your favorite snack, settle in, and let's get jerky with it!

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  • Operation Firewalk Unites Communities: A Beacon for Veterans and First Responders

    Monday April 8, 2024

    Welcome back to another episode of Real Estate Jerky podcast! Get ready for an inspiring and transformative journey as today, we're diving into the heart of Operation Firewalk with our esteemed guest, Dave Albin. Dave, a veteran who's triumphed over addiction, will be discussing his incredible work with firewalks around the globe and how these daring events are now igniting hope for veterans and first responders right here in Modesto.

    Join us as we unpack why cities need to embrace events that support these heroes and how the Modesto Sunrise Rotary, along with sponsors like c three insurance and American Weed, are stepping up to the plate. We'll explore the exciting details of Operation Firewalk and how corporate America can get involved. Plus, we'll touch on the recent challenges with the fire marshal, the event's relocation to a stunning setting, and how you can participate in this life-changing experience. 

    Also in the episode, we'll delve into the current real estate climate, discussing interest rates and the impact of government decisions on the market, as well as the evolving world of electric vehicles. And of course, we won't leave you hanging – Mike Kelly will be explaining the catchy phrase "Boom bada bing" in the context of getting things done.

    Don't miss out on the details for the upcoming Operation Firewalk event on April 12 and 13. Tune in, spread the word, and let's take the steps together towards supporting those who've served and protected us. It's all happening now on the Ed Parcaut podcast!Follow Ed on all social media outlets @EdParcaut

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  • Replay – The Healing Power of the Ocean: Veterans, Surfing, and Redemption

    Monday April 1, 2024

    This was a replay on the radio this last weekend.

    Welcome back to the Real Estate Jerky! I'm your host, Ed Parcaut, joined by my fellow real estate expert, Mike Kelly. Today, we're delving into an incredible tale of healing and hope. Joining us is the inspirational Van Curaza, who introduces us to the transformative world of Operation Surf. Van shares with us how the power of the ocean waves has helped veterans struggling with PTSD and other injuries find solace and a renewed sense of purpose. We discuss the astounding impact of this program on the lives of our military heroes and their families, alongside the vital importance of community support to keep this initiative afloat.

    But that's not all—we also touch on the dire situation of homeless vets and the urgent need for more veteran representation in public office. Plus, we'll be giving you some valuable insights into the current real estate market, discussing the unlikely hero of the housing sector: reverse mortgages, and their potential to provide financial stability for our seniors in these inflationary times.

    All of this and more, so get ready to dive deep into another empowering episode filled with courage, change, and the unshakable human spirit. Don't forget to reach out and support Operation Surf through their website Let's get started!

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  • Replay -Bridging Law & Real Estate: Sheriff Dirkse’s Take on Modern Issues

    Monday March 25, 2024

    This was a replay on the radio this last weekend.

    Hello and welcome to Real Estate Jerky, where tough love meets financial health. I'm your host, Ed Parcaut, joined by my co-host, Mike Kelly, and today we've got an enlightening episode in store for you. Our esteemed guest, Sheriff Jeff Dirkse, will grace us with insights on a range of compelling topics, from improving community safety to combating the complexities of human trafficking in California.

    We'll dive deep into Stanislaus County's real estate heartbeat, analyzing current market statistics and the competing forces of low supply and high demand. As we chew over the anticipated increase in single-family homes and the static forecast for housing affordability, we'll explore how this terrain affects both buyers and renters.

    Sheriff Dirkse will then shed light on a significant reduction in homicides and the strategic initiatives that have curtailed violence, from targeted enforcement against illegal marijuana grows to enhanced tactical medicine training for deputies.

    The heavy topic of human trafficking enters our forum, revealing the dual avenues of smuggling and exploitation, and the unexpected demographics embroiled in these networks. We'll even grapple with the CCW conundrum, discussing legal twists and the data (or lack thereof) tying CCW holders to crime.

    So buckle up for a riveting ride through law enforcement's use of technology, from drones to drug-sniffing dogs with novel capabilities. And before we bid you farewell, you'll get a glimpse into what's next: a picturesque journey into small towns and farmland.

    Stay tuned, listeners, for today’s journey into the interwoven worlds of real estate, community safety, and the challenges we face in society. It’s all here, on Real Estate Jerky.

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