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About Ed Parcaut

Ed Parcaut is a seasoned and highly respected professional in the mortgage industry, with nearly 30 years of experience under his belt. He is the founder and CEO of Lending for Living, a reputable mortgage firm that helps homebuyers navigate the complex process of purchasing a home. With his advanced degrees in marketing and international business and marketing, Ed has the skills and knowledge to guide his clients through the process with ease.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Ed is also a proud veteran of the United States Navy, having served as a Hospital Corpsman. This gives him a unique perspective on his clients’ needs and aspirations and helps him understand the unique requirements of his clients.

Ed is also passionate about financial literacy and real estate education, which is why he hosts a Talk Radio Show, Real Estate Jerky, on iHeartRadio, and two podcasts, Inner Edison, and Helping the Brave. These platforms provide valuable insights, advice, and inspiration to listeners, and aim to empower them to build wealth and achieve their financial aspirations. You can find these shows on popular podcast platforms and YouTube. He also featured in a documentary produced by Revealed Films, Hacking Real Estate, a 9-part docuseries that brings together industry experts to delve into different aspects of investing in real estate.

Inner Edison Podcast

Achieving success is not easy, but it is definitely possible. Entrepreneurs, leaders, and individuals who have succeeded, know that failure is an integral part of the journey. Like Thomas Edison, who famously said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work,” these individuals understand that failure is a necessary step in the process of growth and success. Embrace failure, learn from it, and you will achieve great success.

How to Create Email Lists from Scratch

Shreya and Paul are Co-Founders of Marketing Counts, serial entrepreneurs, Tech Startup Founders, and advisors to the influencers. They are teachers at heart who have a passion for helping entrepreneurs and students alike grasp proven marketing concepts.

3 Ways to Improve Your Brand Equity Starting Today

Jeffrey Madoff is the Founder & CEO of Madoff Productions, a New York based creative production company. He has directed award winning commercials, documentaries and web content around the world. Madoff is an adjunct professor at Parsons, The New School of Design. He teaches a course he developed called “Creative Careers: Making a Living with […]

Real Estate Jerky Radio Show

In August 2018, Ed stumbled upon the radio industry when the creator of a discontinued radio program reached out to him, recognizing his enthusiasm for assisting individuals in achieving homeownership. Initially hesitant due to lack of experience, he accepted the opportunity and with guidance, began hosting his own show, sharing valuable information and resources to help listeners navigate the home buying process. He found it rewarding and it gave him a new perspective on how he can help people.

  • California’s push towards electrification in residential real estate – Real Estate Jerky Radio Show

    Monday March 27, 2023

  • Real Estate Jerky Radio Show – Patrick Wallace – Air Date 3/18/2023

    Monday March 20, 2023

  • Real Estate Jerky Radio Show – Todd Su – Air Date 3/4/2023

    Monday March 6, 2023

Helping The Brave

Don’t go through the transition to civilian life alone – join our community of veterans and experts on our 30-minute podcast, Hosted by veterans. Each episode provides practical advice and resources to help you navigate the challenges of post-military life, and a supportive space to share your own experiences.

Lending For Living review summary

5on Google,Mar 03, 2023


My agent saw me through a difficult sale negotiation, and I couldn’t be happier with the result

5on Google,Feb 09, 2023


Ed, Amy and their team are extremely helpful with guiding you through all the necessary steps toward purchasing a home. There patience is remarkable and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help.

5on Google,Dec 08, 2022


From beginning, middle, and end of this home lending experience my work with Ed, and Amy has been wonderful. They have been very supportive, and generous with their kindness, and they have excellent professionalism with regard to working well with all parties involved. Their knowledge, experience, and time has been much appreciated. Thank you so much, and I look forward to the next time we meet!

5on Google,Oct 05, 2022


Through a trusted referral, I had the pleasure of working with Lending For Living and recently securing a new mortgage. With years of experience in mortgage lending, as well as broad knowledge and insight of the real estate market, Ed brings exceptional talent to the table. Having experienced every type of lending and real estate market over the years, Ed and his staff are able to listen to and understand your needs, then as a brokerage, seek and arrange the best loan with the best terms for you. I would not hesitate to refer friends or family to Lending For Living and will come back to them with any future needs.

5on Google,Sep 27, 2022


They are an amazing company to work with. Great at what they do and always looking out for the customer. Thank you Ed, Amy and all the Lending for Living crew. It is always a pleasure working with you.

5on Google,Sep 27, 2022


Such an easy company to work with. So professional and very good at what they do. Thank you Lending for Living.

on Facebook,Sep 11, 2022


Amy and Ed made the process of a home loan easy and efficient. Chris and I are homeowners. Amy was wonderful with all the information and process of purchasing a home. She kept us informed with emails and docusign. Ed also kept in touch with phone calls and informative emails with videos on each step of the way up to closing. I highly recommend this team for any of your lending needs. Thank you Amy and Ed you are very much appreciated.

on Facebook,Sep 01, 2022


The experience from start to finish was almost effortless on our part. Minimal stress because of their preparation and professionalism. Walked us through the whole process with ease. Gave us an approval that was far superior to most other lenders, making us more attractive to sellers and realtors. Closed lightning fast. They were ready before we were. There were no surprises at all. I’ll recommend them without hesitation to anyone I know.

on Facebook,May 28, 2022


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on Facebook,Apr 26, 2022


Great communication, kept in touch all along very seamless process

5on Google,Apr 15, 2022


Had the pleasure of dealing with Ed for my first home loan. He was very informative and helped someone like me who had no knowledge of the industry. He took the time out of his day to explain the market to me. I ended up getting a great rate, and I will be recommending Ed and his team to my friends and family.

on Facebook,Feb 28, 2022


Ed and his staff were very helpful during the process. They went above and beyond our expectations. We whole heartedly recommend them for anyone seeking a home loan. Thank you so much

on Facebook,Sep 27, 2021


Felt like a breeze. Staff was friendly and respectful. Would recommend highly 🙂 I had move jobs multiple times and they found ways around it without requiring to much documents. We went through a couple of mortgage companies and this is by far the best I have ever been through 🙂

5on Google,Sep 27, 2021


Felt like a breeze. Staff was friendly and respectful. Would recommend highly 🙂

on Facebook,Sep 27, 2021


Had a great experience with Ed and the whole team. Quick response to questions, made sure that all of our documents met deadline so we could get the best rates possible. Worked alongside our realtor and overall very happy with our home purchase and loan.

5on Google,Sep 03, 2021


Very professional,helpful and friendly. Thank you to all the staff for making every step less stressful for me. Highly recommend Lending For Living I am very satisfied with their work.

5on Google,Aug 18, 2021


Excellent service from everyone I worked with from beginning to end. I would recommend Lending For Living to anyone looking for a home loan. Many thanks for a good experience.

5on Google,Aug 14, 2021


My experience with Lending for Living was wonderful. Everyone I spoke with was knowledgeable and friendly. My loan process was quick and easy. I was kept up to date on the progress of my loan on a regular basis. I would absolutely recommend Lending for Living to anybody who is in need of loan services. It was a great experience.

5on Google,Aug 13, 2021


Everyone at Lending for Living was fantastic in helping us purchase our second home. It was challenging because we had changed jobs a few times and already had a mortgage payment as well as student loan payments. They worked with the underwriter to make sure we got our financing and good terms as well. We hope to work with them again in the future!

5on Google,Jun 28, 2021


Ed was extremely knowledgeable about real estate in general and guided us very nicely through the loan process. Yovanna and Fabiola were very helpful in answering questions and getting things done. Both were generally enthusiastic about their work and we received top notch service from them. I highly recommend Lending for Living for your loan

5on Google,Jun 18, 2021


What a fabulous experience I had with Lending for Living. Ed was friendly and knowledgeable. Right from the start, the cards were face up on the table. Ed was clear, and straight to the point with options. He made my feel confident, and trusting, with the process. But we’re talking about Ed here… comes to be expected from the owner of the business. Even though it’s not always so. Where Lending for Living really separates themselves from others, is the entire team demonstrates the same effort! I worked seamlessly with the staff to complete my loan. Fabiola in particular. Wow! Precise and prompt, to say the least. What she said, is what she did. When she said she would do it… is when it was done. Not once, not twice, but every time, without question. I never had to wonder. That was huge for me, in a time dependent situation as loans are. I would recommend Lending for Living to anyone who wants, hard working, experienced people to assist in purchasing a home. Not a doubt in my mind, when I make another purchase, their phone will be ringing. Much appreciation I have toward Lending for Living and the Team behind them! Thank you!!

5on Google,Jun 18, 2021


Lending for Living got the job done when no one else said they could! Everyone in this office was a pleasure to work with and the entire process they made seamless. They were extremely prompt with everything. We will definitely be using them in the future!

on Facebook,Jun 17, 2021


Ed, Fabiola and your team were amazing. Thank you for finding me the best rates and your customer service was incredible. I will recommend you always and definitely use you again. Thank you Lending for Living Mike Corsaut

5on Google,May 24, 2021


My team was efficient, timely and truly went the extra mile for me. Thank you Ed, Yovanna & Kathy for your collaborative efforts in securing my Re-fi. And a special thank you to Fabiola for going to battle for me in my unique situation. I appreciate each one of you.

on Facebook,Apr 26, 2021


Everyone I dealt with was helpful and courteous from start to finish! A great company to work with! I would highly recommend!

5on Google,Apr 26, 2021


Everyone I dealt with was helpful and courteous through the entire process! Great company to work with! Would highly recommend!

on Facebook,Apr 08, 2021


I had no problem with lending for living. The staff is passionate about there job. They give you all the information upfront to help you stay ahead. They always helpful with questions and also give homework assignments to make sure all go smoothly. Thanks for helping me be a first time owner it is just so much excitement.

5on Google,Apr 08, 2021


I want to thank all of the staff at Living For Living for their communication, and assistance in Walking us through the refinance process. Yovana and Fabiola we're great in addressing any questions I had. I discovered them through the radio show "real estate jerky", 1360 a.m. on the weekends.

on Facebook,Mar 26, 2021


Very fast and efficient friendly people

on Facebook,Mar 15, 2021


very helpful and on time , very friendly staff

on Facebook,Mar 12, 2021


Very simple quick process. Staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable.

5on Google,Mar 12, 2021


They made it really easy and quick. Their staff is very knowledgeable!

5on Google,Mar 04, 2021


Fabiola was awesome! She kept me informed all along the process. A delight to work with and an excellent representative at what she does. Very capable, knowledgeable and has a super personality which makes her a very talented customer oriented person.

5on Google,Feb 23, 2021


Lending for Living was available and at the ready to assist us through the refinancing process. They were quick and efficient and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We will continue to use them for all of our loan related needs.

5on Google,Feb 02, 2021


Getting my house refinance going through lending for living was one of the most smoothest fastest refinance I've ever done Ed and his staff did a wonderful job ,thank you guys very much

on Facebook,Jan 19, 2021


100% satisfied would recommend & would use again, all personalities were so informative and personable I really felt they were looking out for my best interest.

5on Google,Jan 12, 2021


I discovered Ed Parcaut on his radio show Real Estate Jerky. He seemed to be very knowledgeable and a really good guy. So I called Lending For Living , I am so glad I did. We wanted to refinance but our situation was a bit tricky. Ed came through for us. We are so grateful. His staff is the best, Kathy, Amy, Fabiola. They walked us through each phase of the process. Always came through with answers to questions, some computer assistance and we shared some laughs. This is the Team you want to work with, call them!!

5on Google,Jan 08, 2021


Working with Lending For Living was a smooth process. From the beginning, each person we spoke with handled conversations professionally, walked us through each step, had great communication and answered all our questions. I would highly recommend Lending For Living for your financing needs.

5on Google,Jan 08, 2021


Super exciting. Fast process clearly explaind. Very easy to contact people at the office for all questions we had. VERY friendly.

on Facebook,Dec 18, 2020


I am very happy with the team and the entire loan process from Ed Parcaut's lending for living group. They are knowledgeable, attentive, prompt, thorough, kind... always letting me know next steps and status. Their tracking, processing, and communications tools are top notch. I can't recommend them highly enough.

5on Google,Dec 18, 2020


I am very happy with the team and the entire loan process from Ed Parcaut's lending for living group. They are knowledgeable, attentive, prompt, thorough, kind... always letting me know next steps and status. Their tracking, processing, and communications tools are too notch. I can't recommend them highly enough.

5on Google,Dec 17, 2020


Highly recommended. Personal service combined with expertise and professionalism. Lending For Living assisted me with a refinance and purchase simultaneously and it went about as smoothly as could be expected. Always available to communicate over the phone and constantly looking ahead in the process to anticipate/avoid delays in these time sensitive processes. Big thank you to Amy and Fabiola for making it happen.

5on Google,Dec 14, 2020


Ed and his team at LFL are great! The re-fi process was seamless, professional, and the communication was outstanding. We closed in less than 30 days and best of all our savings was substantial. Thanks again for the amazing service!

on Facebook,Dec 04, 2020

Rebecca Jo

I utilized their services for the purchase of my home & now for refinancing it. Amy & Fabiola were efficient, professional & knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

on Facebook,Nov 16, 2020

JoAnn Bloise

Professionalism from all the Staff. Easy to work with and very helpful. Highly recommend to my friends and family.

5on Google,Nov 10, 2020


Great people to work on our refinance - Ed, Kathy and Fabiola were very helpful and professional in helping us get the loan we wanted and we dropped our rate from 4.25% down to 2.999% for a 30 year cash out refinance. Great job and great people!

5on Google,Nov 09, 2020


Ed, Fabiola and the whole team are just amazing at what they do. They communicate well and are very responsive. We trust them wholeheartedly and they’re super sweet and caring people too!

5on Google,Oct 12, 2020


The entire staff at Lending for Living is amazing. We had such a wonderful experience. Thank you!

5on Google,Oct 09, 2020


This team was amazing! They helped me to buy a home. They talked to me daily, and always made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Lending for Living to anyone looking for a great mortgage experience.

5on Google,Sep 21, 2020


Ed and his team did an OUTSTANDING job on our refinance. Not only did we close sooner than expected, our rate was lower than we thought we could get. Great job to everyone involved👍

5on Google,Sep 11, 2020


Ed and his team have gotten my business for the third time now. I’m always very happy with their knowledge, service, ability to simplify things, and for being so accommodating for our busy family.

5on Google,Aug 26, 2020


Working with Lending For Living was such an efficient and easy experience! Everyone was on top of what documents I needed to submit and everything was handled in a very timely fashion. I was kept up-to-date on what was happening with the loan and I would recommend them for anyone to use.

5on Google,Aug 25, 2020


From beginning to end, the Lending for Living team was top notch. Very knowledgeable, responsive, friendly and easy to work with. After working with them, I wouldn't go anywhere else! I highly recommend them for any refi needs.

5on Google,Aug 06, 2020


Ed and his team were awesome. The process was very smooth and the staff was very easy to get alone with. They knew what they were doing there was no delays or any back and forth. My wife works for a bank herself and we do get a discount through her work but still decided to go with Ed and his team because of their assurance and knowledge. I would Highly recommend them to anyone trying to get a loan.

on Facebook,Aug 03, 2020


Quick and easy to work with.

5on Google,Jul 09, 2020


Using Lending For Living for my refi was a great experience!! They showed a high level of expertise in handling all of the little details that went into my particular situation and walked me through everything. Fabiola was especially FABULOUS to work with because of her friendly, professional demeanor and quick responses to all of the questions that popped up along the way. They gave me an awesome rate and saved me more money than I was expecting! I will be recommending Lending For Living to anyone I know that's looking to refinance their mortgage.

on Facebook,Jun 29, 2020


I have worked with Ed, Amy and Fabiola on two different ReFi loans. With very different needs each time and the customer service was top notch ever step of the way. I was especially impressed with the knowledge of different loan options and the commitment to get us in the the right fit right rate in both situations. A+ company

on Facebook,Jun 29, 2020

DeAnna Grassi

It was a pleasure doing business with Lending for Living! My husband and I have been impressed by the team's thoroughness and attention to detail. Thank you again for such a great experience.

5on Google,Jun 27, 2020


Ed and Amy and Fabiola were super easy to work with. Returned phone calls promptly if they didn’t answer when I called. From signing a contract to buy our home to signing loan docs = 16 days! They made the process super easy. And got us a great - did I mention-GREAT rate. Highly recommend Ed and his team. Thanks Ed, Amy, Fabiola !

5on Google,Jun 26, 2020


They were very professional and worked hard to get me the best possible outcome for my loan. Thank you Ed and Amy for all your hard work!!

5on Google,Jun 26, 2020


Smooth transaction from start to finish. Any questions we had about the process was answered on the spot. 10/10 would reccomend this business and team.

5on Google,Jun 05, 2020


Very professional, willing to answer any question throughout the process. ED, Fabiola, and Amy are an awesome team to work with.

5on Google,May 28, 2020


Ed and Amy were great to work with. They were very responsive, they took the time to explain everything thoroughly to ensure I understood, and were on top of the whole refinance process. I would gladly work with them again in the future!

on Facebook,Apr 24, 2020


Ed and his Team are the best. Continue to come back to them!!!

on Facebook,Apr 11, 2020


Very professional, very informative, very persistent, very organized. I would, without hesitation, use them again.

on Facebook,Mar 28, 2020


Ed and Fabiola were invaluable for us during our refi. They answered any questions we had and walked us through all the steps until we finished. Job well done we appreciate all you were able to do for us!!

on Facebook,Mar 24, 2020


Ed, Amy, and Fabiola did a tremendous job helping us secure our home loan. They walked us through the process (it was our first time) and they were very accommodating! Thanks again guys!

5on Google,Mar 17, 2020


Great team! They got my re-fi done quickly, and actually changed everything midway through when an even better loan option came along. I highly recommend.

on Facebook,Feb 10, 2020


Very efficient team!! I highly recommend Lending for Living. They definitely work for the customers best interests, I personally feel they deliver on their word.

5on Google,Feb 03, 2020


Ed and his team were AMAZING! I have always been told how stressful buying a home can be, mine was stress free. This team was excellent in communicating with me every step of the way. They ensured I was well informed of my options. I highly recommend Lending for Living.

on Facebook,Jan 17, 2020

Betsy Morrell

I recommend Ed Parcaut to my clients and have used him several times for my own personal refinances and purchases. He knows his stuff and most importantly, communication is huge!

on Facebook,Jan 14, 2020


This is our second time working with Ed Parcaut and his team. If your looking to purchase a home or refinancing give them a call. It will be worth it.

5on Google,Dec 10, 2019


Very competent and thorough! Real people and extremely responsive and easy to get in touch with. 100% perfect experience!!!

5on Google,Dec 10, 2019


Very competent and thorough! Real people and extremely responsive and easy to get in touch with. 100% perfect experience!!!

5on Google,Nov 25, 2019


I attempted to refinance my mortgage loan with a different agency and after looking at all the costs I was advised to get a 2nd opinion. Lending for Living got me a better interest rate and saved me 5k in fees ! Highly recommend the easy process and money saving ways of Lending for Living.

5on Google,Nov 06, 2019


The stressful process of buying my first home was made simple and clear by Amy and the staff.Everyone here was very professional and getting emails updating me on where we were in the process helped me stay on track. Thanks to everyone at Lending for Living!

5on Google,Oct 09, 2019


Working with these people was super easy. The transaction couldn’t have gone more smoothly. We closed in 30 days. Thanks!

5on Google,Aug 02, 2019


Professional and helpful staff that got me through the stress of buying a house. Thank you Ed and Amy

on Facebook,Jul 01, 2019


Edward Parcaut and his assistants were on top of things from the get-go. They kept us informed throughout the loan process and there were no surprises. I definitely recommend them!

5on Google,Jun 27, 2019


I cannot recommend Lending For Living highly enough. Ed, Amy, and the entire team made my loan process easy. They also handled things extremely efficiently which helped me close on my new home ridiculously fast. They are simply fantastic to work with!

on Facebook,Mar 01, 2019

Shawn Michael

Great personal service and very prompt. Highly recommend them for anyone looking to purchase a home.

on Facebook,Feb 05, 2019


We thought we weren’t able to buy a home. With their help we were in our new home in 2 months. The staff was extremely helpful and kept us on track the entire process.

on Facebook,Jan 06, 2019


They make it happen with no drama!

on Facebook,Nov 02, 2018


They were amazing to work with. Kept me in the loop and when something unexpected came up they told us right away and help take care of it. Nora and Amy were a pleasure to work with.

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