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Born in Burlingame, California, Ed Parcaut moved multiple times between California and Colorado during his childhood. Therefore, he is a die hard Bronco Fan. After his father’s death, Ed wound up in Turlock, California. During high school he would work on his grandfather’s dairy. Which helped him learn many trades and realized this would not be the path for him.

He enlisted in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman to see the world and got to see San Diego, CA. After 18 months in the Navy, it came time to choose a specialty. He ended up studying physical therapy and Emergency Medicine. During the rest of service, he went to college getting a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s in international business and marketing.

After getting out of the Navy, he gave the tech world a try before realizing it was not for him. He turned to work for his neighbor’s mortgage company, which is what stuck. Ed’s love for numbers and helping people have kept him in the mortgage field ever since.


Inner Edison Podcast

Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Individuals have learned from life’s mistakes just like Thomas Edison. I wanted to uncover people’s “Edison” moments and be able to share what they learned from life’s mistakes. Our greatest growth comes quite often from our greatest failures. I too have had my own Edison moments.

Devin Miller

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Mike McDerment

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It was a pleasure doing business with Lending for Living! My husband and I have been impressed by the team's thoroughness and attention to detail. Thank you again for such a great experience.

DeAnna Grassi Leamon

I have worked with Ed, Amy and Fabiola on two different ReFi loans. With very different needs each time and the customer service was top notch ever step of the way. I was especially impressed with the knowledge of different loan options and the commitment to get us in the the right fit right rate in both situations. A+ company

Jeff Colville

Very professional, very informative, very persistent, very organized. I would, without hesitation, use them again.

Rod Cascia

Ed, Amy, and Fabiola did a tremendous job helping us secure our home loan. They walked us through the process (it was our first time) and they were very accommodating! Thanks again guys!

Joseph Walker

Ed and Fabiola were invaluable for us during our refi. They answered any questions we had and walked us through all the steps until we finished. Job well done we appreciate all you were able to do for us!!

Benjamin Gilliatt

Very efficient team!! I highly recommend Lending for Living. They definitely work for the customers best interests, I personally feel they deliver on their word.

Shanan Gonzales

Ed and his Team are the best. Continue to come back to them!!!

Linda Demro

I recommend Ed Parcaut to my clients and have used him several times for my own personal refinances and purchases. He knows his stuff and most importantly, communication is huge!

Betsy Morrell Hurst-Younger

Edward Parcaut and his assistants were on top of things from the get-go. They kept us informed throughout the loan process and there were no surprises. I definitely recommend them!

Corey Pelletier

This is our second time working with Ed Parcaut and his team. If your looking to purchase a home or refinancing give them a call. It will be worth it.

Randy Youngman

Great personal service and very prompt. Highly recommend them for anyone looking to purchase a home.

Shawn Fox

They were amazing to work with. Kept me in the loop and when something unexpected came up they told us right away and help take care of it. Nora and Amy were a pleasure to work with.

Tessa Boling

Quick and easy to work with.

Rod Reiswig

They make it happen with no drama!

Kelsey Bench

with. They knew what they were doing there was no delays or any back and forth. My wife works for a bank herself and we do get a discount through her work but still decided to go with Ed and his team because of their assurance and knowledge. I would Highly recommend them to anyone trying to get a loan.

Edin Ismic

Working with Lending For Living was such an efficient and easy experience! Everyone was on top of what documents I needed to submit and everything was handled in a very timely fashion. I was kept up-to-date on what was happening with the loan and I would recommend them for anyone to use.

Sandra Myers

From beginning to end, the Lending for Living team was top notch. Very knowledgeable, responsive, friendly and easy to work with. After working with them, I wouldn't go anywhere else! I highly recommend them for any refi needs.

Laura Young

Using Lending For Living for my refi was a great experience!! They showed a high level of expertise in handling all of the little details that went into my particular situation and walked me through everything. Fabiola was especially FABULOUS to work with because of her friendly, professional demeanor and quick responses to all of the questions that popped up along the way. They gave me an awesome rate and saved me more money than I was expecting! I will be recommending Lending For Living to anyone I know that's looking to refinance their mortgage.

Pene Fish

Ed and Amy and Fabiola were super easy to work with. Returned phone calls promptly if they didn’t answer when I called. From signing a contract to buy our home to signing loan docs = 16 days! They made the process super easy. And got us a great - did I mention-GREAT rate. Highly recommend Ed and his team. Thanks Ed, Amy, Fabiola !

Michael O’Rourke

Ed and Amy were great to work with. They were very responsive, they took the time to explain everything thoroughly to ensure I understood, and were on top of the whole refinance process. I would gladly work with them again in the future!

Jane Frazee

They were very professional and worked hard to get me the best possible outcome for my loan. Thank you Ed and Amy for all your hard work!!

ken orr

Ed and his team were AMAZING! I have always been told how stressful buying a home can be, mine was stress free. This team was excellent in communicating with me every step of the way. They ensured I was well informed of my options. I highly recommend Lending for Living.

Leslie Rathbun

Smooth transaction from start to finish. Any questions we had about the process was answered on the spot. 10/10 would reccomend this business and team.

Ryan Dinkel

Very professional, willing to answer any question throughout the process. ED, Fabiola, and Amy are an awesome team to work with.

Joe Paz

Great team! They got my re-fi done quickly, and actually changed everything midway through when an even better loan option came along. I highly recommend.

Justin Gatewood

Very competent and thorough! Real people and extremely responsive and easy to get in touch with. 100% perfect experience!!!

Matthew Winkle

I cannot recommend Lending For Living highly enough. Ed, Amy, and the entire team made my loan process easy. They also handled things extremely efficiently which helped me close on my new home ridiculously fast. They are simply fantastic to work with!

Dezaree Seeds, MBA

Working with these people was super easy. The transaction couldn’t have gone more smoothly. We closed in 30 days. Thanks!

Rick K

The stressful process of buying my first home was made simple and clear by Amy and the staff.Everyone here was very professional and getting emails updating me on where we were in the process helped me stay on track. Thanks to everyone at Lending for Living!


I attempted to refinance my mortgage loan with a different agency and after looking at all the costs I was advised to get a 2nd opinion. Lending for Living got me a better interest rate and saved me 5k in fees ! Highly recommend the easy process and money saving ways of Lending for Living.

Christy Weisssensee

Professional and helpful staff that got me through the stress of buying a house. Thank you Ed and Amy

Beau Heldstab

very professional

cecilia cruz

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