Financial Freedom

Building Personal wealth through homeownership

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”
—Andrew Carnegie

For most first-time home buyers, their biggest challenge isn’t in qualifying for a loan or securing a down payment. These steps are part of a larger, lengthier process, one that often intimidates buyers and prevents them from taking this first step toward personal wealth. Don’t let fear hold you back from building your legacy. In Financial Freedom, home-lending expert Ed Parcaut breaks down the process of purchasing a home and demonstrates how owning property creates a lifetime of wealth. You’ll learn the three most important factors when buying a home and how the relationship between your income, assets, and credit reveals the right time for you to make your move. With simple terms and relatable examples, Financial Freedom is the comprehensive guide for turning your dreams of owning a home into reality.

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"We haven't actually bought a house yet, but the information from this book helped us lay out a plan and have actual action steps to take over the next 6-12 months to get us into our first house. It was so easy to understand and broke down everything in such a concise and clear way, it's the first time we've felt confident that we know what to do!"

—Joan Perry

"This book is a great read for people in any stage of financial planning/homebuying. As someone who had very little prior knowledge about buying a home, I feel more confident now approaching the milestone of buying my first home. I enjoyed the author's use of real life examples to solidify my understanding of the subjects."

—Emma Leamon – Great for this first time homebuyer!

"Ed brings the step-by-step process to purchasing a home and does so in a way that removes fear of purchasing. The explanations are easy to understand. The way he goes about it is very methodical, from the first step, to the last, and purchasing as an investment. This book is excellent for ALL, Realtors to share with prospective buyers, investors who are interested in partnering with a buyer and of course first-time home buyers. Excellent read!"

—Teresa Kinney – Removes fear from purchasing a house.

"As a first time home buyer, Ed's book provided all the information I needed to make a better decision on purchasing a home. Ed covers the entire process and makes it easy to understand. I also found great value in Ed's many home buying tips during the buying and closing process that could cost me money if I am not aware. I highly recommend Ed's book as it is a great wealth of information for anyone who wants to understand the home buying process better."

—Kevin L. – Great Book on The Home Buying Process

"Great help if you want to build wealth through real estate. Ed breaks it down in an easy to read format. Great read and super detailed. Highly recommend!"

—Todd Su – Great help for those trying to buy a home.

"Ed does a great job of breaking the subject down into easily digestible chunks. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a FULL understanding of why homeownership is so important and how it can help you start to build financial freedom for you and your family."

—Courtney D Beauford – Super easy read!

"What I like about it is Ed uses a mixture of stories and specifics to help explain the advantages of home ownership. He breaks down the credit scores, budgeting, costs, equity, etc in an easy to understand format to help people make their own decisions if they do the math. This is one of the first books that also discusses how someone who is self employed needs to think not just about what they pay in taxes but how it affects their plans to purchase a house."

—Brian Galke – Great book that involves both stories and advice to help the readers make the right decision

"Ed is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building wealth through homeownership. Thank you for guiding us on our journey to financial freedom."

—Mike And Teresa Corsaut, Teachers

"We have purchased several homes during the past two decades. Some of these purchases were extremely complicated due to our circumstances and the volatility of certain markets. We have turned to Ed many times for advice. He helped navigate us through some complicated purchases that have proved to be some of the best investments we have ever made. You will be hard-pressed to find someone in the industry with more knowledge, expertise, and professionalism."

—Nick And Janelle Stever

"We found the book to be super informative and easy to read. Bev particularly appreciated your stories about people and their experiences. It would be a great resource for first-time buyers. The book lived up to your description, with well-made points that were easy to understand."

—Jim And Bev Broedlow – We give it our stamp of approval.