Unleashing Your Inner Edison: Diversifying Paths to Success with Guest David Ask

person-iconby Edward Parcaut calender-icon28 Mar, 2024

Join host Ed Parcaut as he engages in an enlightening conversation with entrepreneur and multi-faceted professional, David Ask, in this must-listen episode of the Inner Edison podcast.

In this episode, David Ask delves into his journey of diversifying investments beyond real estate, particularly during the challenging COVID period. He describes the strategic pivot that led to the creation of StatGuard, a thermostat guard with a combination lock, which solved a pressing issue in foreclosed properties and is now a success in major retail outlets.

Throughout their talk, both Ed and David emphasize the power of mentorship and the critical need for seeking guidance, a resonating theme especially for veterans reluctant to ask for help. David’s various entrepreneurial endeavors reflect his belief in the importance of multiple income streams and strategic partnerships over individual know-how.

Listeners will also journey with our host through a raw discussion about the difficulty of discussing failures, even leading to a six-month podcasting hiatus. However, Ed’s return marks a continued commitment to helping and growing with his audience.

The conversation takes a deep dive into self-awareness, the shift from scarcity to an abundance mindset, and the value of surrounding oneself with a validating community. Both guests share personal anecdotes on overcoming insecurity and reinforce the concept that true success is rooted in relationships and lifting others.

Moreover, as they discuss the challenges and triumphs of the podcast world, David Ask opens up about his past professional life at Verizon, and the life-changing impact of his mastermind group, ISI. Ed reflects on his exploration beyond his industry and highlights the significance of perseverance in the podcasting journey with his “1023 rule.”

Ending on a high note, the episode leaves listeners with a powerful call to action to help others without expectation and to embrace one’s talents, establishing a purpose-driven life. David even extends a generous offer to aid anyone in need through his website.

Don’t miss this inspiring episode with Ed Parcaut and guest David Ask, filled with valuable insights that could very well help illuminate your inner Edison.

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