Monetizing Your Talent for Storytelling with Kellan Fluckiger

person-iconby Edward Parcaut calender-icon02 Apr, 2024

In this enlightening episode of the Inner Edison podcast, your host Ed Parcaut sits down with multifaceted guest Kellan Fluckiger. Together, they delve deep into Kellan Fluckiger’s compelling story—from his 30-year tenure in the energy industry to his transformation into an author and coach following a profound divine intervention.

Kellan opens up about his personal battles with depression, addiction, and suicide attempts. He shares heartfelt insights on how traumas can either destroy or refine us, underscoring the need for a shift in mindset to overcome life’s obstacles. A touching highlight is Kellan’s anecdote of a life-changing act of kindness that led to an unexpected connection with his future wife at a Yo-Yo Ma concert.

Beyond his personal journey, Kellan introduces the “Wittot fungus” acronym, signifying the sometimes paralyzing concern for what others might think. He and Ed discuss the transformative power of embracing one’s mess and using personal messes to connect with and help others. Kellan highlights the significance of making mistakes and values the role of coaching to help individuals reach their goals despite fears and failures.

The episode also explores Kellan’s and Ed’s thoughts on sharing individuals’ unique stories and encounters with common misconceptions about coaching, with alternatives like “alchemist” proposed to better capture the essence of the role.

Interspersed with Kellan’s professional insights, Ed candidly tackles the challenges of pronouncing Kellan’s name, and they touch upon podcasting’s high attrition rate and the daunting task of sustaining a successful show.

Kellan concludes by inviting listeners to discover more about his 19 books on topics like healing and meditation, which can be found on Amazon, and to connect with him through social media for continued inspiration and guidance.

Don’t miss this profound exploration of life, loss, and the unyielding pursuit of purpose on Inner Edison.