Mathieu Mireault; Micro Niches Don’t Have to Mean Micro Profits

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One of the biggest problems many entrepreneurs have is that they think their product or service has to be for everyone. 

Anyone with skin in the game knows the old adage: the riches are in the niches. 

On the latest episode of the Inner Edison Podcast with Ed Parcaut, we shared how micro niches don’t have to mean micro profits. 

We spoke with Mathieu Mireault. He’s the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Dermadry — the new solution for people who live with hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. 

He shared his journey into entrepreneurship and the opportunity to earn large profits from a niche market. 

Leaving Comfort for New Possibilities

In his early twenties, Mireault worked in a cubicle at a bank. While he earned a good living, he wasn’t satisfied with what he calls “a beige life.”

At the same time, his friend stumbled upon a way to cure his excessive sweating problem and had big plans to share it with the world. 

His idea produced better results than other options on the market at a fraction of the cost. 

Knowing that Mireault dealt with this issue on a minor level, he asked his friend if he would like to come in with him to make the business a reality. 

Within five years, they had helped thousands of people find relief from excessive sweating. 

More Than Just a Sweating Problem

What enticed Mireault to join his friend was that he realized that hyperhidrosis was more than just a sweating problem. 

According to statistics, people with hyperhidrosis are five times more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and other issues related to their sweating problem.

For instance, people with hyperhidrosis constantly worry about if people are looking at their sweat-stained clothes. They may also worry if they smell due to their obsessive sweat.

It also can play a crucial role in everyday social interactions such as shaking hands, interviewing for a job, or going on a date. Excessive sweating often forms on the hands and other areas, which can make people feel like a person is nervous in a situation when they are not. 

Dedicated to the Solution

Mireault is dedicated to solving the problem of excessive sweating for the entire world. 

While only 5% of the general population have hyperhidrosis, he knows that solving this problem for this small part of the population will make significant changes in their lives. 

value in their iontophoresis machines

Dermadry’s iontophoresis machines can significantly improve hyperhidrosis symptoms for people. For some, that could be a life-altering solution. 

Beyond helping others, their company has grown from six to 45 employees worldwide.

How Effective Is Iontophoresis? 

Clinical studies spanning several decades indicate that iontophoresis is highly effective — in most cases 90% to 100%. Demadry’s independent research has concluded that their iontophoresis machines are about 98% effective at stopping excessive sweating for several weeks!

A Not-So-Niche Market After All

While initially, their target market was to help people with hyperhidrosis. They discovered that more people can benefit from iontophoresis machines

One group they hadn’t considered was those who want to stop using antiperspirants and deodorants that have toxic substances like aluminum. 

While they started with a small portion of the population, or 5%, they now see the potential for larger markets. 

Could You Use Dermadry? 

If you’re tired of worrying about excessive sweating from your hands, feet, or armpits, Demadry can help.

Check out this video that demonstrates the process for hands and feet

You don’t have to continue with the same worries and struggles. Shop today

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