Kelli Calabrese; How My Divorce Helped Me Help Others

person-iconby Edparcaut calender-icon31 Dec, 2021


Women entrepreneurs wear many hats. 

We are wives, mothers, and business owners. 

Within wearing all of those hats, they can form certain identities of what our lives should or shouldn’t be, and when those roles get taken away, it can be tragic. 

That was certainly Kelli’s case when her husband of twenty years filed for divorce. 

Kelli was a popular lifestyle and fitness coach, best-selling author, and entrepreneur up to that point. She helped others find wellness through nutrition, exercise, and the mind, body, spirit connection. 

However, after her divorce, she felt the need to help others differently. 

Struggling to find her new identity as a divorcee, she took a sabbatical to find herself. That experience taught her that she could live an intentionally fabulous life despite going through a life-changing divorce.  

Now, she helps others do the same. 

Kelli Calabrese shared her journey, her struggle with divorce, and how it shaped her as an entrepreneur on the latest episode of the Inner Edison Podcast with Ed Parcaut

Are you an entrepreneur trying to successfully navigate separation, divorce, or post-divorce? Read on to discover how Kelli got through her journey and how she can help you do the same. 

Handling the Loss of My Identity

Kelli explains that the hardest thing for her when she found out her marriage was over was dealing with losing her identity as a wife. 

For twenty years, it was the one identity that was a constant in her life, and now she found it difficult to cope with that change. In order to find a way to thrive after her divorce, she took a three-year sabbatical.

She explains it like this, “It was like a tornado came through, blew up my whole life, left a gaping hole in my heart, and it was painful.”  

Since no one in her family had experienced divorce, she had to learn about this experience herself. 

She went to counseling, classes, retreats, bible studies, etc. When she wasn’t doing that, she was reading the books, listening to the Ted Talks, you name it, she did it.

Understanding & Forgiveness

Kelli explains that during her sabbatical, there came a time where she had to look at the mirror and understand her role in the divorce. 

Knowing that no divorce is 100 percent another person’s fault, she looked for patterns in her relationship where her actions played a role in the divorce. While this was difficult, it was necessary for her to start to heal, grow, and learn to forgive herself. 

She states that it came down to understanding the grieving process and learning that there is no shortcut to acceptance. Instead, you have to go through each stage in your own time. 

Although there are no shortcuts, she knows that what she learned during her sabbatical journey helped her awareness and helped her heal faster. 

Now she’s sharing what she learned with other women. 

Reclaiming Your Life and Living Intentionally Fabulous

Kelli looked at her healing process and broke down the process into eight steps that helped her overcome her divorce and reclaim her life. 

What came out of that was her 8-week course, Intentionally Fabulous. The course gives you all of the areas that helped Kelli heal the fastest, as well as her insight and guidance as a certified divorce coach. 

The course gives you all the tools to overcome your divorce, reclaim your life, and live an intentionally fabulous life. It also comes with a private community to help you get support from members going through the course with you. 

If you’re ready to change your life in 2022 and reclaim your life after divorce, Intentionally Fabulous can help you get there. 

Check out Kelli’s website for free info, advice, and tips on navigating divorce. 

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