Jeweliet Tangen

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Jeweliet Tangen



To look at Jewliet Tangen is most likely to underestimate her. At 23 years old, she could still be mistaken for a teenager, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the wisdom of age.

During our most recent Inner Edison Podcast, we had the special privilege of sitting down with Jeweliet and asking her about what she’s learned about life, business, and becoming a millionaire all before the age of 20.

You won’t want to miss her inspirational journey.

Early Years: A Mother’s Love

Jeweliet began the first six years of her life in Idaho’s foster care system, where according to online reports, felt more like sex slavery. From the tile, you may have this idea that she grew up with a silver spoon. In fact, nothing could have been further from the truth.

At the age of six, she was adopted into a loving and stable family; however, that stability would be short-lived. Her mother was already ill when she adopted Jeweliet, and as a result, spent most of her young life caring for her mom.

Her mother was very loving, and knowing her physical condition, she taught Jeweliet at a young age how to be an independent adult. Jeweliet states, “She taught me how to pay bills, pay taxes, how to go to the grocery store, and how to shop. Things like that.”

Unfortunately, her mother passed away just before her fifteenth birthday.

A New Life Begins

With her mother gone, Jeweliet had to use the skills her mother taught her to be independent before she was legally able to drive. She enrolled in college at 15, started a job as a waitress, and got her first apartment. It wasn’t long before she realized a typical day job was not for her.

She quit school and waitressing to focus on building a business. She first started freelancing on sites like Upwork ghostwriting and copywriting for clients but made very little money until she discovered how optimizing your LinkedIn Profile can attract clients.

As luck would have it, she was contacted by a company in France due to her ability to speak French, and that set her on a path to become a marketing consultant in France. It helped her earn over six-figures in her first year.

She went on to form her own marketing firm that worked with business in France. She hired employees and started earning multiple six-figures. Now, her business focuses on acquisition management. Using her organic marketing skills, she helps businesses brand themselves and later finds investors looking to acquire the company.

It made her a millionaire before the age of 20.

Giving Back

Reflecting on her success, she is very candid that she wished she had created her business around her lifestyle. While life as an entrepreneur has helped her earn tremendous success, she regrets not finding time to enjoy her success along the way.

She states that one thing she learned is that making money is great, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot if you live your life to work. She regrets not forming a lifestyle plan to build her business around. After falling ill in the past year, she has taken a step back and has made lifestyle changes for a better work-life balance.

She is most excited about her nonprofit charity focused on rehabilitating sexually abused children, appropriately called We Rescue Kids. She plans on devoting most of her time to this project in the years ahead as it is near to her heart, growing up as a foster child.


Looking to give back, you can support Jeweliet’s charity. For the cost of a Netflix subscription, you can help rescue a child from sexual abuse or sex trafficking.

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