Danny Brassell; How to Motivate Reluctant Readers

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Reluctant readers come from all different backgrounds.

You can find reluctant readers in the suburbs, the inner city, and rural areas. They attend public, private, and charter schools. 

Reluctant readers come in all shapes and sizes, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

However, one statistic ties them together. It’s an important one. 

Two-thirds of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of fourth-grade increase their likelihood of ending up in jail or on welfare. 

In fact, seven out of ten inmates cannot read above a fourth-grade level. It’s a sobering statistic with many interpretations. 

On the latest episode of the Inner Edison Podcast with Ed Parcaut, we talked about the importance of motivating reluctant readers. 

We spoke to Danny Brassell, a speaker, best-selling author, educator, and coach. He shared his journey into education and his love for helping young reluctant readers learn to love reading. 

“I Chose Teaching for the Noblest of Reasons.” 

Danny started his career as a journalist. He was offered a great job at a successful daily for $16,500 per year. 

While at a bar with his friends, someone mentioned that they are paying teachers $25,000 per year to teach young students in South Central, Los Angeles.

So Danny likes to joke that he became an educator for the noblest of reasons, for the high pay. 

“What Good Is It to Teach a Kid How to Read If They Never Want to Read?” 

While teaching in Compton, California, Danny quickly realized that his students didn’t have the same advantages he had as a child. 

It inspired him to take an active role in helping his children learn WHY to read. 

He recalls that he’s never had to tell a kid to watch television or to go play a video game. Danny believes the same is true for books. 

He’d prefer a child to read a book on their own.

So, Danny teaches simple tricks to train parents, students, and teachers how to get excited about reading. 

Danny believes, “the more excited you are to read, the more likely you are to read, and the more you read the better you get!” 

Encourage Your Reluctant Reader to Read More! 

If you’ve been looking for a way to encourage your reluctant reader to read more — Danny has a special gift for you!

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  • Discover simple yet effective ways to ensure your child excels in reading classes. 

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It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Love Reading

Whether you grew up as a reluctant reader or have a child who is a reluctant reader, it’s never too late to learn to love reading. 

Danny’s reading programs have helped thousands of people find their joy and passion for reading. 

If you’re curious to learn his system to ignite your passion for reading, check out his website for more information. 

To learn more about Danny’s speaking engagements or to hire Danny to speak at your event, please contact him through his site. 

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