Building a Real Estate Empire: Mathew Pezon’s Journey from Rookie Investor to Property Mogul

person-iconby Edward Parcaut calender-icon09 Nov, 2023

In this episode of the Inner Edison Podcast, host Ed Parcaut sits down with Mathew Pezon, a real estate investor and entrepreneur. They discuss Pezon’s journey in real estate, language learning, and his plans for growth in the industry. Join them as they explore the challenges and successes of investing in properties, navigating the market, and finding opportunities for financial sustainability.

Episode Highlights:

1. Real Estate Investing: Overcoming challenges and seeking good deals
– Pezon’s experience starting in real estate during a forgiving market
– Importance of purchasing properties at attractive prices for sustainability
– Benefits of owning two to four family properties for shared costs and tenant experiences
– Potential increase in competition from owner-occupied rentals

2. Language Learning: Immersion and dedication
– Pezon’s journey to becoming fluent in Spanish
– Methods used, such as writing down words and phrases, recording mistakes, and practice
– Prioritizing real estate investments over buying property in Spain

3. Growth and Mistakes: From one property to hundreds
– Pezon’s goal of purchasing one property per year since 2014
– Support from significant other in pursuing real estate endeavors
– Learning from mistakes in tenant selection and contracting

4. Market Trends and Perspectives
– Ed Parcaut’s observations on the mortgage industry and housing market
– Debunking housing bubble claims and highlighting inventory shortage
– Real estate examples from California and Pezon’s area in Pennsylvania

5. Balancing Work and Family
– Pezon’s plans to continue working from home while spending more time in the field
– Challenges and values of work-life balance after welcoming twins

6. Seeking Real Estate Opportunities
– Difficulties in finding deals and reaching trust attorneys
– Exploration of probate, divorce, and hoarder house situations
– Advice on contacting attorneys to identify potential leads

7. Continuing Perseverance
– Personal story of overcoming setbacks in a previous flip project
– Emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes and moving forward

Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Mathew Pezon as he shares his experiences, strategies, and growth in the real estate industry. For more details and to connect with Mathew Pezon and Pezon Properties, visit the podcast website and subscribe to support the show.