Steph Shinabery; Three Stages for Adding Awesome Clients

person-iconby Edparcaut calender-icon20 Apr, 2021


We’ve all heard people say that there is no one else like you in the world, but how many of us approach our business with that mindset?

On the latest installment of the Inner Edison Podcast with Ed Parcaut, we sat down with Steph Shinabery. Steph talked about her life journey and how it led to her dream business of helping entrepreneurs and coaches add awesome clients.

How would it feel if you had a roadmap for finding your favorite clients, utilizing your own personal genius, and helping them achieve goals they have only dreamed of? Steph Shinabery has been helping her clients do just that.

During the podcast, she shared her three stages of her nine-step process for adding awesome clients. If you’re looking to start your own business, this is valuable information. Let’s dive in!

The First Stage: Aligned

The first stage of adding awesome clients is about getting clear about what you want and who you want to work with. In this stage, you’re considering your ideal client and how you would like to help them.

Additionally, you’re honing in on what “lights you up.” What is the unique genius that only you can offer your client? What does that look like in your business?

When you get clear about your personal genius and how you can apply it to a business, and you know the types of clients you want to serve, you’re ready to move on to the next stage.

The Second Stage: Designed

During the second stage, you’re thinking about your ideal client’s problem and working through your roadmap to offer a solution.

In this stage, it’s all about understanding your client’s pain points, what’s slowing them down in their business, or roadblocks that they just can’t seem to get past. In essence, you’re creating your buyer’s journey and offering entry points where you can serve your ideal clients.

Becoming clear about your client’s specific pain points and their buyer’s journey helps you offer services along that path and convert them into clients. It also helps sell your product at different points along the buyer’s journey, improving your marketing funnel.

Once you understand your ideal client’s pain points, the language they use, and the solutions they are looking for, you can then create your signature offer.

The Third Stage: Deliver

Once you know your ideal customer and understand the different pain points along your client’s journey, you can take that roadmap and apply it to your content. In this phase, your creating content that will attract your ideal clients.

Stage one and two help acquire the language and solutions that your ideal client is looking for and help you create content easier, whether it be for social media, blog posts, or video content.

All you have to do is look back at the individual steps within the first two phases, and you’ll have ideas for content moving forward. After that, it’s about being creative with your messaging in new ways to attract your ideal clients.

When all nine-steps are utilized in these three phases, the roadmap to adding awesome clients becomes a system that you can repeat again and again for great results.

Are You Looking to Add Awesome Clients?

Do you have a business idea but just aren’t sure how to get it off the ground? Have you been working to acquire clients but have stalled? Call Steph!

She can assist you and help you see results using her add awesome clients program. Schedule a call today!

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