Nicole Bandes; How to Hire the Right Virtual Assistant Every Time

person-iconby Edparcaut calender-icon17 Aug, 2022


Coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs have a unique problem. 

They are often stuck trying to be the master of all things within their business. This often leads them to spread themselves thin, feel overworked, and feel hopelessly inefficient. 

Coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs know the value of finding the right individuals to take some of the time-inefficient tasks off their plate. 

Perhaps this is why many coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs have resorted to hiring virtual assistants from overseas. 

And, why not? 

Finding the right virtual assistant can help coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs get their much-needed time back to operate in their zone of genius. 

On the latest episode of the Inner Edison Podcast with Ed Parcaut, we dove into the topic of hiring virtual assistants and how to hire the right virtual assistant.  

We spoke to Nicole Bandes, founder of Virtual A Team, a company that matches a dedicated team of virtual assistants for coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs. 

The Pitfalls of Hiring the Wrong Virtual Assistant

Many coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs lean on virtual assistants to take care of time-draining operations tasks and other busy work. However, there are certain pitfalls to consider when hiring a virtual assistant. 

Three common pitfalls to consider when you hire a virtual assistant are the process of finding a virtual assistant, any language barriers that can affect the work, and thinking that one virtual assistant can perform many different jobs.

Virtual A Team helps you eliminate all three of those headaches. Let’s see how!  

Why Is Finding a Virtual Assistant so hard? 

Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be. 

Many coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs just overcomplicate the process. While you can spend all day searching different virtual assistant websites, you could save a LOT more time by hiring a team of professionals to do that for you!

Virtual A Team are experts at matching virtual assistants with coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs for whatever kind of job you need! 

At Virtual A Team, we have a stringent vetting process. That means you can feel comfortable with any virtual assistant we send your way.

However, if you ever run into issues with your virtual assistant, we can help replace that assistant in a snap!

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Without the Language Barrier? 

Many coaches, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs believe that the only way to hire a virtual assistant without the language barrier is to hire someone from the U.S. However, there is a much simpler, more cost-effective option.

Instead of paying $60 for an American assistant, you can choose a dedicated team of professionals to assist with any language barrier and still get high-quality work from overseas.

Nicole Bandes and her Virtual A Team always use American project coordinators to manage all virtual assistants within your business. That way, you never have a language barrier when communicating your needs! 

The Problem of Hiring One Virtual Assistant for All Tasks

You could hire one virtual assistant from overseas to take care of operational tasks, graphic design, and blogging. However, your chances of finding one that can do all three well efficiently are slim.

With Virtual A Team, you never have to worry about that problem. We use a team of virtual assistants to complete any job for the price of one virtual assistant! 

This saves time of follow-up, training, and the chore of finding several virtual assistants yourself. 

Are You Ready to Level Up Your Business? 

If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, or solopreneur tired of wasting time in your business, then you need the Virtual A Team. 

Schedule a time to chat about your needs today! 

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