Erik Allen; Start a Podcast, Change Your Life

person-iconby Edparcaut calender-icon13 Oct, 2021


It seems like just about everyone has a podcast these days. So how can you stand out in a sea of podcasts competing for people’s attention? 

That was part of our conversation on the latest episode of the Inner Edison Podcast with Ed Parcaut

We sat down with Erik Allen, a successful podcaster with two shows under his belt — one of which ranked as high as #133 on the Apple Podcast List in the Entrepreneur category in 2021. 

Erik shared his story about how he started his journey into podcasting and talked a little bit about how he’s helping others find success with their young podcasts. 

Erik’s Journey into Podcasting

Believe it or not, Erik was podcasting before he even realized it. Erik started his journey in 2017 when he aired interviews with up-and-coming MMA fighters on YouTube.

Back then, he didn’t even realize he was essentially creating a podcast. It wasn’t until a friend of his told him he should put his interviews on Apple that he even identified himself as a podcaster.

For Erik, it all started with the love of wanting to know people’s stories. Today, he now splits his time between two podcasts. 

His first podcast is Top Rated MMA and boasts over 200 episodes of great stories of MMA fighters making their transcendence into the sport on a national level.

His second podcast, aptly titled The Erik Allen Show speaks with entrepreneurs about their journeys and advice they have learned along the way. 

Each show has a specific purpose of fulfilling a particular passion in his life.

How to Build a Successful Podcast

Erik has put in almost half a decade’s worth of time into learning how podcasts become successful, and it has paid off for him. His two podcasts have had success by building slowly and acquiring a faithful fanbase. 

He has utilized sponsorships to help him grow his skills as a podcaster and build his brand. In November, Erik will be launching a series of courses to help young podcasters build successful podcasts. 

If you’re looking to build a successful podcast, here are a few pointers from Erik:

 Podcast for the love of it, not fame

  • Just start and get better as you go along
  • Personalize your outreach for interviews through video messaging
  • Stagger your outreach for reviews, so they don’t come in all in one day
  • Consistently engage with your audience and build content that they want to hear

He also advises that you know the purpose of your podcast, whether it’s to grow your business or expand your message.

Need Help Growing Your Podcast? 

If you want to decrease your learning curve and grow your podcast, the easiest path towards success is to have a coach or mentor help you raise your game.

Erik has a new course dedicated to new podcasters looking to grow their brand. If you’re looking for a way to: 

  • Organically grow your podcast through honest reviews
  • Consistently gain high-level candidates for your interviews
  • Learn the strategies and skills to make your podcast stand out

You can learn these valuable skills and more with Erik’s new course. To learn more about Erik and how he can help you grow your podcast, please check out his website, and follow his podcasts.

No matter where you are now, you CAN find a way to grow your podcast to enhance your message and grow your business. It all starts with the right mentorship and coaching.  

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