Building a Compliance Podcast Network: Tom Fox’s Mission to Educate and Influence Change

person-iconby Edward Parcaut calender-icon24 Oct, 2023

In this episode of the Inner Edison Podcast, host Ed Parcaut welcomes guest Tom Fox to discuss a wide range of topics. From the power of daily news podcasts to the intricacies of corporate compliance, Tom shares his expertise and experiences. Here are some key highlights from the episode:

1. Harnessing the Power of Daily News Podcasts:
– Tom explains how he was inspired by a daily basketball news show and applied the concept to a podcast about army veterans with PTSD.
– Creating a daily show focusing on the struggles and successes of the target audience can generate engagement and loyalty.

2. Unconventional Real Estate Strategies:
– Tom explores the strategy of putting a manufactured home on a property without a permanent foundation to avoid paying property taxes.
– Adding a permit foundation before selling can increase the home’s value, without constituting tax fraud.

3. Understanding Corporate Compliance:
– Tom delves into the importance of corporate compliance in preventing companies from violating anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws.
– He draws from his experience working on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to emphasize the need for robust compliance programs.

4. Shifting Perceptions of Veterans:
– Ed highlights his involvement with the show “Helping the Brave,” aimed at supporting veterans.
– He reframes the narrative around veterans, focusing on their bravery and resilience rather than portraying them as mere heroes.

5. The Power of Podcasting and Content Creation:
– Tom emphasizes the commitment and effort required in podcasting, urging aspiring podcasters to invest time and build a strong online presence.
– He shares personal experiences and lessons learned from his own journey in the podcasting industry.

These are just a few of the intriguing topics covered in this enlightening episode. Tune in to the Inner Edison Podcast to dive deeper into these conversations and gain valuable insights from Tom Fox and host Ed Parcaut.